To be honest, we know nothing about this stunning custom ride, a 1961 Volkswagen Beetle Roadster. It’s a true roadster. Not just any classic VW Beetle with the top chopped. It is a low-riding, low-profile roadster through-and-through.

Custom 1961 Volkswagen Beetle Roadster

From what have picked up, it is by Danish Danni Koldal. Everything we know about this car is from the photos. Everything else like what’s under the hood, who actually did the (good) deed, and so on, are not known.

As you can see, this custom 1961 Volkswagen Beetle roadster was slammed and the noticeably wider fenders now has a set of seriously wide, low profile white wall tires wrapping the shiny chrome wheels. Clearly, this man has taste. Very good taste.

Custom 1961 Volkswagen Beetle Roadster

The car’s sleek matte black finish is accentuated by tasteful amount of chrome bits on the hood, sides and the nose-cone style side mirrors. And oh yeah, it has windshield alright.

While the windshield isn’t purposefully air-flow redirecting item like on the Ares Design S1 Project Spyder we have seen in the previous post, it was half height from the original. Just enough to keep the wind from assaulting the occupants and should be enough to keep bugs from colliding with whoever is inside when at speeds.

Custom 1961 Volkswagen Beetle Roadster

Although we do not know the detail, what we are able to put our eyeballs on are enough said. This thing is a bomb. More images can be found at Danni Koldal’s Instagram page.

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Custom 1961 Volkswagen Beetle Roadster

Images: Instagram (danni.k.k)/Facebook (Danni Koldal).

Source: Yanko Design.

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