I am sure we are all familiar of Amazon voice-activated assistant Alexa. It (or she???) is everywhere to help you to do a myriad of things, ranging from turning the faucet on/off to starting/stopping a car to bolting down the front door – in addition to more mundane stuff like reading news, checking the weather and buying groceries. OK. Maybe all those are mundane things Alexa will gladly do for you, but as it turns out, with a little coding and hack, it can also ignite a fire chucker. Yes, really. It can and it has been proven by our all-time favorite YouTube tinkerer, Brit plumber-turn-YouTube celebrity (of sort), Colin Furze. Yes. Indeed, Furze has done that.

Going back to his roots of all-thing that burns, he has created a self-igniting fire chucker for no apparent reasons other than to entertain the restless souls that roams YouTube. The contraption was made with, ironically, an old fire extinguisher and some steampunk-approved plumbing works. If you know this mad garage inventor, you will know he is not much of a programmer himself. So, for this useless invention, he has roped in James Bruton, AKA XRobots, to sort out the coding bits. The result is expected: a crazy invention that can be triggered with voice commands. So, what else has it got? Well, don’t ask. Skip ahead for the said video.

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Image: YouTube.

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