City Hunter Single Malt Glenfarclas 2010 Whiskey

City Hunter is the one Japanese manga that turned me into a sexual deviant. OK. Just kidding. It did not, but the sexual overtone cannot be overstate – thanks to its borderline sexual pervert protagonist Ryo Saeba.

Anywho, the manga, which ran 1985-1991, is 35 year-old this year. Japanese production company Shogakukan Shueisha Production is celebrating it with a City Hunter single malt “Glenfarclas 2010” whiskey.

The fact it is a Glenfarclas needs no explanation. The City Hunter single malt “Glenfarclas 2010” is said to feature dried fruits aroma with a hint of chocolate and nuts, and has a bitter chocolate cake flavor.

City Hunter Single Malt Glenfarclas 2010 Whiskey

Shogakukan Shueisha Production further adds that it “has a sexy taste like the protagonist” and it has a taste that should appeal to ladies. Sorry for poor translation, but if you have watched or read City Hunter, you will totally understand the reference.

City Hunter single malt “Glenfarclas 2010” has a limited production run of just 630 bottles, each packing 700 ml. It is nine years of age (like, if Glenfarclas 2010 does not tell you that already…) and has an alcohol content of 60.4 percent.

The origin is, of course, Scotland. The whiskey, which was selected by whiskey critic Hideo Yamaoka (and one of the 16 top whiskey collectors worldwide) for Whisky Mew, was distilled on May 2010 and the bottle has a City Hunter-themed label.

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City Hunter single malt “Glenfarclas 2010” will go on sale in Japan on March 26, the birthday of City Hunter, for 19,800 Yen (or about US$178).

Images: Shogakukan Shueisha Production/Whiskey Mew [JP].