LEGO Expedition Balloon by Happysmurf

LEGO, at this point, is pretty much synonymous with licensed products, but thankfully, there is still a bunch of LEGO MOC enthusiasts who are faithful in creating original designs. The LEGO Expedition Balloon by LEGO Ideas member Happysmurf is one such commendable original design.

This proposed 2,752-piece Hot Air Balloon features an air balloon and a basket with a few accessories, including a telescope, map, compass and even a bird. Why the bird? I have absolutely no idea.

LEGO Expedition Balloon by Happysmurf

Packing 2,752-piece, this LEGO Expedition Balloon is massive and if you don’t get how 2,000+ pieces is massive… perhaps a height of over half a meter (53 centimeters, or about 20.9 inches) and a diameter of 27 centimeter (around 10.6 inches) should give you an idea how enormous this set would be.

Here have a look at this awesome UCS-sique proposed set and perhaps, considering chipping in your one precious support to help push it towards reality.

Images: LEGO Ideas (Happysmurf).