Corn Kernel Removal Tool by Handy Geng

There are quite a number of tools in the market that makes removing corn kernels less tedious. But those are nothing quite like the Corn Kernel Removal Tool created by China’s famed DIYer/tinkerer/maker Handy Geng. OK. Handy’s Corn Kernel Removal Tool is really more like a Corn Kernel Removing Gun and it is a fun corn kerneler.

Though the bazooka/gun like form does look pretty imposing. Handy’s Corn Kernel Removal Tool is built around a power grinder and it is complete with stock, pistol grip, a trigger, and a magazine that allows him to load in 5-6 corns at a time.

At a pull of a trigger, the corns in the magazine are fed into the chamber one-by-one where they are swiftly strip of their kernels. The caveat is, the kernels tend to get spit out from the “barrel”, causing quite a mess.

As a boon, this Corn Kerneler is capable of shooting out the corncob, albeit with a range of just a couple of feet. Never mind the distance. This is probably the coolest corn kernel removal tool ever. If only it could push the stripped corn further, then it will be perfect.

Images: YouTube (手工耿Handy Geng).