Leather is a material that is synonymous with luxury and obviously, it wouldn’t be a material of choice for armor that goes on, say, a Stormtrooper or an AT-AT. However, that does not stop artist Gabriel Dishaw’s imagination from running wild. Gabriel has created a series of Star Wars busts and sculptures that features leather as the main material as opposed to the norm of metals, plastics and woods. And he did not just use any leather; he uses old, discarded Louis Vuitton small leather goods like purses and bags that would otherwise be part of the landfill.

Star Wars Sculptures Made From Recycled LV Leather Goods
LV Stormtrooper

By upcycling these once-loved luxury leather goods, Gabriel has given them a second life while lending iconic characters and machines from the biggest movie franchise of our time, Star Wars, a unique luxury touch. What’s impresses was how Gabriel has cleverly leverages on the different parts of the LV leather goods, such as the folds, seams, handles and zippers, to add definitions that makes each sculpture pops. The results are a series of Louis Vuitton Star Wars sculptures that beckons to be displayed. Speaking of display, the good news is, these work of arts are actually for sale.

Star Wars Sculptures Made From Recycled LV Leather Goods
Louis Fetton

At the time of this writing, some of them have already been spoken for and so, if there are any that catches your eyes, make sure you act quick or it could soon be some else’s trophy. Louis Vuitton Star Wars busts and sculptures (not the official art title, btw) are part of Gabriel Dishaw’s Star Wars Series sculptures which include iconic Star Wars characters and machines made from the most unexpected materials like parts from typewriters and old computers. They are equally brilliant, but I must say the Louis Vuitton Star Wars edition strikes me the most because of my love for LV and Star Wars.

As for the prices, we did not go through the entire list, but as a guide, you are looking at around $2,000-4,000 a piece. Not cheap because, you know, they are arts. But, really, the price is least of your concern. The concern here is, whether or not the piece that you fancy is still available.

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Star Wars Sculptures Made From Recycled LV Leather Goods
Tank Vader LV “Fashion Wars”
Star Wars Sculptures Made From Recycled LV Leather Goods
Kylouis Vuitton
Star Wars Sculptures Made From Recycled LV Leather Goods
LV Walker

Images: Gabriel Dishaw.

via Laughing Squid.

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