BBQ Toolbox Portable Grill from Uncommongoods

What’s the purpose of a toolbox? In case you need to carry out unexpected repair? That sounds like a fair purpose to us. But now imagine this: what if you unexpectedly feel like starting a BBQ? Well, then you will be needing a toolbox. But not just any toolbox. You will need the BBQ Toolbox. However, in this toolbox, you will not put screwdrivers, wrenches or other hand tools in it; instead you want to load it up with charcoal, BBQ condiments and marinades, and be ready to BBQ at a moment’s notice. Now, that’s a toolbox we could have a use for, every time.

BBQ Toolbox Portable Grill from Uncommongoods

When closed, BBQ Toolbox looks like, well, a run-of-the-mill toolbox and that’s the beauty of it, but flip it open and lo and behold, a very capable BBQ grill, complete with stainless grilling area, a bun warming rack, and storage for marinades and condiments, is revealed before your eyes. And if you already have it loaded with charcoal, it is just a matter of hitting up your trusted supermarket and grab some fresh BBQ food, and you are in for a quick, impromptu BBQ session anywhere that’s legal to do so. There’s even a vent for controlling the flow of oxygen over the hot coals. Sweet.

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If you ask me, I’d say it is a must-have in anyone’s trunk because, you never know when you will be bitten by the BBQ bug. You know what they say, it is always better to be prepared than never. You can pick up the BBQ Toolbox off Uncommongoods for $99.

Images: Uncommongoods.

via The Gadgeteer.