allow your perspective of time to change throughout the day – literally, with the Perspective Clocks by Studio Ve. these contemporary and artistic clocks are anything but ordinary and they represents a much profound philosophy then just merely a decor piece or time telling device. the team behind the Perspective Clocks, Studio Ve, wanted to create a series of clocks that “reflects the different ways that people deal with the issues they encounter in their everyday lives” and hence the use of simple geometrics and lines for the clock’s hands to create the effect of changing perspective. this clever use of geometry and lines result in the clock hands appearing differently when view at different time of the day and also where you stand when viewing it.

on the surface, it provides a contemporary and fresh element to your home throughout the different time of the day, but on the deeper end of things, it also serves as a reminder that differing views exist in this society and those views almost always differ depending where the person stands. the clock face is purposely left undecorated with the intention to direct the focus to the hands instead, resulting in a minimalist and uncluttered look, which in our humble opinion, will look awesome in any contemporary decor. altogether, five designs are being offered through the product’s Kickstarter campaign. you can get yours making a pledge of $55 or more, but that will only realize if the campaign hits its set minimum funding goal (which is 25 grand, btw).

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however, with over 50% funded and still over a month more to go, it shouldn’t be hard for the Perspective Clocks to make the mark. check out a pitch video (that is as simple as the clocks themselves) to learn more, or hit up Perspective Clocks’ Kickstarter page and make the pledge.

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