in today’s hectic gadget life, we tend to have one too many accessories to carry, but one company out there wants to take a stab at this modern day people problem with an all-in-one gadget accessory. meet the GOKey, an accessory that offers up to 2 hours of juice for your smartphone, double as a charging/syncing cable, a locator for finding misplaced keys or phone, and it is also a flash storage for your digital files – all rolled into one keyring-friendly device. obviously, as far as backup battery is concerned, it is not going to see you through the day, but it is still good for those emergency situations and considering its wee package and everything else it has to offer, the tradeoff might just be worthwhile. in any case, the less things you carry, the odds of you forgetting to bring something is greatly lessen. it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to locate your misplaced handset (just hit the button to make your phone ring), or use your handset to locate your misplace keys – assuming you’d chain it together with your keys.

it has a built-in cable for charging and syncing that stows away neatly into the accessory when not in use and when connect to a computer for charging or syncing, it also charges the onboard battery, so you will never run out juice just because you forget to charge your portable battery. need to check on how much juice is left? just shake it three times and the built in light will glow green, orange or red to indicate its energy level. storage-wise, it comes in three capacities for your choosing: 8GB, 16GB or 32GB and it also boasts an area secured by 128-bit encryption, accessible with a password, to keep your data private. from now till June 03, you will be able to pre-order the GOKey from Indiegogo for as low as $39 and expect shipping sometime in January 2015. available in Lightning connector for iPhone 5/5s and micro USB for Android and Windows Phone.

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