HECATE GX05 By Edifier True Wireless Gaming Earbuds

However fancy a pair of TWS earbuds maybe, when you open up the charging case, you’d expect two earbuds. Well, not the new Hecate GX05 By Edifier True Wireless Gaming Earbuds [CH] though. After you have been suitably awed by its unique, sci-fi-ish triangular design of zinc alloy construction, you will notice that it appears to have three earbuds – one each under its skeletal cover.

HECATE GX05 By Edifier True Wireless Gaming Earbuds

But it is not for users with three sound holes; only two are earbuds. The third that also looks like an earbud is actually a FlashSpeed 2.4G dongle that boasts a low 15 ms delay for a responsive and lag-free gaming experience. The dongle has a USB-C male connector allowing it to be used with PCs, phones, and tablets.

There is, of course, the usual Bluetooth connectivity (v5.3) if you prefer not to be bothered by a dongle. The earbuds, however, support simultaneous of 2.4G and BT so you can take calls while gaming on PC, for example. The package also includes a USB-C to USB-A adapter for use with, well, USB-A port.

The earbuds and the dongle are magnetically held in place in their respective cradle and they are accessible by rotating the skeletal cover.

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HECATE GX05 By Edifier True Wireless Gaming Earbuds

Audio is delivered through 10 mm dynamic drivers with a titanium-coated diaphragm. The latter allows the drivers to handle high-frequency of up to 40 kHz and resulting in excellent audio resolution and details. The earbuds further boast built-in LHDC 5.0 that supports 96 kHz/24-bit audio and it is Hi-Res Wireless certified.

The earbuds offer up to 4.5 hours of playback or 16 hours in total with the charging case. It supports 2C charging that yields 30 minutes of use with just 5 minutes of charging. It does not have ANC but it has ENC that promises call noise reduction.

Finally, befitting its esports status, the case features the esports-requisite light bars – one on each side of the triangle. The light bars have 11 light effect options for personalization.

HECATE GX05 By Edifier True Wireless Gaming Earbuds

HECATE GX05 By Edifier is not available internationally, at least not for now. It is now available in China through JD.com for 799 yuan (about US$112).

Images: Edifier.