have you ever had the craving for a cup of joe while stuck in the traffic? well, if you are in places like Jakarta you probably can get the boys peddling buns outside to grab a cup for you, but if you are elsewhere, you will have to look to Hey Joe Coffee Mug for your fix. in fact, Hey Joe Coffee Mug lets you bring it just about anywhere; campus, office or camping, you name it. Hey Joe Coffee Mug is more than just a mug. you can use as a regular mug, but at its heart, it is actually a mobile coffee machine in the form factor of a mug or tumbler that makes it convenient to bring along wherever you go. ingenious right? making the coffee you need right in the mug itself is probably the best invention yet for coffee lovers. powered by a detachable battery, which is good for up to 3 cups of joes and recharged via USB.

Hey Joe Coffee Mug

Hey Joe comes with its own blends of premium arabica beans that are packed and sized to fit into the mug’s tray. it works much like the larger counterparts, but works its magic within the size of the mug. making your caffeinated drink is as simple as inserting the packed blend into the tray, add water and power it up. you have a choice of water temperature too, letting you specify at which point the water will drop through the Hey Joe Coffee pod. at the time of this writing, Hey Joe is offering two flavors of blend: Hey Joe-Bold as Love and Hey Joe-Red House Blend, but you are not restricted to Hey Joe’s pods. you can also use your own favorite coffee – just pack your favorite ground coffee like you would with an espresso machine, add water and hit the power button. though, using your own grounds means a little more to clean up to do, whereas using Hey Joe blends will be tidier because of the filter.

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anyways, if love the idea, you can pre-order yours from the product’s Kickstarter campaign page for just 49 bucks a pop and expect to see it at your doorstep later this year. skip past the fold for a pitch video to learn more.

Kickstarter via Gigazine

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