Grocery shopping is not just about picking up the things you need and paying for them. It entails transferring the purchases from the cashier counter to the shopping bags to the shopping cart and then into the trunk of your automobile (and returning the cart). When you get home, you have to do the transfer again to your house.

Shoppacart Folding Shopping Cart

I know. At this point, you are probably tempted to steal the supermarket’s cart but spoiler alert. It’s crime and also it won’t fit in most cars. The Shoppacart, on the other hand, is a crime-free solution to all the transferring and plastic generations – if you are not using reusable bags (what kind of monsters are you!).

Shoppacart is a made-for-consumer, folding shopping cart that looks similar to your local supermarket’s. Except it is designed to fit in the trunk of most cars and the mostly plastic construction makes it lighter to handle.

Shoppacart Folding Shopping Cart

It one up the reusable bag by letting you shop like any trolley, pick up the paid item, and then, the real magic that draws us to it: stuffing the entire cart into the trunk without the need to transfer the individual items into the car. It is purpose designed to do that without scratching the bumper of your beloved ride.

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Obviously, it is not going to be as huge as a regular shopping trolley but at 100L (26.4 gallons) capacity, it is still pretty voluminous.

Shoppacart Folding Shopping Cart

It can be purchased with the works, which include a cup holder, bag hook, phone holder, and more. It is almost the perfect shopping cart. The only con I see is, it cannot hold a child in it and oh, the price is a con too.

It will run you back at a wallet-breaking US$359 with all the available accessories outfitted, or US$289 for the cart less the extras. Either way, it is pricey. But considering the convenience and plastic bags you can save, it may be worth the investment. Maybe.

Shoppacart Folding Shopping Cart

Images: Shoppacart.

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