Mirrorless camera is getting smaller. In fact, some have become so small that you cannot be confident with the grip and fear that it may slip and drop. This is where Micro Clutch by Peak Design can help. It not only eases the fear of dropping, but it also promotes grip confidence and actually prevents accidental drops. The contraption is basically a hand strap that secures between a custom plate installed under the camera and the eyelet of the camera strap holes.

Micro Clutch for Mirrorless Camera by Peak Design

You still hold the camera the same. Just that now you have a strap over the back of the hand to ensure that it will not fall off your hand when knocked. With two or four fingers comfortable slip under the comfy, moisture-wicking microfiber hand pad, it will boost your grip confidence when you reach for the controls and shutter button. It also makes one-hand use possible without fear of dropping it.

The strap has two parts: the aforementioned hand pad and a super strong, adjustable Hypalon strap for getting the right for your fingers. A triangle ring on top and an axial strap attachment at the bottom allows the strap some degree of freedom of movement and thus allow your hand to pivot.

Micro Clutch for Mirrorless Camera by Peak Design

The axial strap attachment is connected to a machined, anodized aluminum baseplate designed to fit most camera models. There’s a hidden tool stored magnetically in the base plate. This tool is what you will use to remove the base plate when you need to access the battery.

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You can use a PD camera strap with Micro Clutch installed – thanks to the PD anchor attachment. Using the included tripod plate allows a camera with Micro Clutch to be used with a tripod too. Two models are available. There is an L Plate for cameras with a pronounced hand grip and an I Plate for cameras without a pronounced hand grip or does not have a hand grip at all.

Micro Clutch for Mirrorless Camera by Peak Design

You can check out the compatibility of Micro Clutch on its Kickstarter page where you can also secure a unit by pledging a product for US$50 or more.

Micro Clutch for Mirrorless Camera by Peak Design

Images: Peak Design.

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