Micro Clutch By Peak Design Lets You Hold Your Mirrorless Camera With Confidence

Mirrorless camera is getting smaller. In fact, some have become so small that you cannot be confident with the grip and fear that it may slip and drop. This is where Micro Clutch by Peak Design can help. It not only eases the fear of dropping, but it also promotes grip confidence and actually prevents …

This Travel Tripod Is So Good That It Is Nearly $6 Million On Kickstarter

Camera tripod is hardly a product anyone would described as gorgeous, but here it is, a tripod which we are very much inclined to called gorgeous or even sexy. Created by Peak Design whom you may remember for the super cool Capture V2 Camera Clip System from 2013, it is hard describe how brilliant the …

Capture V2 Camera Clip System

there are couple of ways which you could carry your DSLR. one being in the bag, which makes it not so quickly accessible and two, using a neck strap which tends to hinder your movements as the camera swings about as you move. the solution? the Capture V2 Camera Clip System. as the product name implies, this is the second generation of the first

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