Popular mobile games like Pokémon GO and the now-shuttered Harry Potter Wizards Unite make gamers go outdoors to play games. The UDU Console from Denmark game developer UDU Games wants to do the same too but with a bit of a perk.

UDU Console Motion Controller for Mobile Games

While the throwable Poke Ball and Wand are afterthoughts and are made by fans, UDU Console is not. It is designed from the ground up to be part of the mobile gaming experience.

Select UDU games are designed around this UDU Console which really is an advanced motion controller. It is definitely not the first motion controller but it is certainly first-of-its-kind, designed for use with mobile games.

With UDU Console, it serves as a brush, a sword, a baseball bat, and more when you play the game, and with the presence of an HD haptics engine, you not only get a physical object to hold but you can also feel as the vibration of the sword as it cuts through the air, cuts something, and feel the brush on a canvas, for example.

UDU Console Motion Controller for Mobile Games

This boosts participation and immersion greatly while at the same time allowing gamers to stay active. It is actually a brilliant concept.

The UDU Console is also cheat-resistant. Where some augmented reality mobile games can be tricked to believe the gamer is out and about (GPS spoofing), you can’t do that with UDU Console.

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Once paired with your smartphone, sensors in the controller will detect actual movement, and only then that you will be able to move the in-game character.

The controller packs wireless connectivity (BT and WiFi), Squeez Button, Trigger Button, a 9-axis motion sensor,  HD haptics motor, and it has its own CPU. But why is it a “console” and not a controller?

UDU Console Motion Controller for Mobile Games

Well, the fact that it has its own processor and also a circular 240 by 240 pixels LCD display (yes, really!), and a trackpad, makes this little guy pretty much a handheld console.

You can utilize the display to show customization options for the in-game tool or weapon.

At launch, the UDU Console will work with select UDU games but more games will be available later through the UDU Games launcher in the future.

You can learn more about UDU Console at Kickstarter where you can help make it a reality by pledging for a product. It is not cheap, though. Expect to shell out at least €119 (also US$119) for one.

UDU Console Motion Controller for Mobile Games

All images courtesy of UDU Games.

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