If you specialize in night photography or videography, then you really have to check out the Duovox Mate Pro True-color Night Vision Camera. Make no mistake. This isn’t your daddy’s IR camera. The Duovox Mate Pro is not only an IR camera that records in colors but it captures images in glorious eye-watering 2K resolution.

Duovox Mate Pro True-color Night Vision Camera

Duovox Mate Pro True-color Night Vision Camera utilizes the latest in low-light imaging technology, featuring a 1/1.8-inch Sony MCCD sensor, paired to an f0.9 aperture and a 7-lens optical system to record the same image in different resolutions, before combining into a single high-resolution photo to display in K full-color image, thereby letting you see the darkness in a different light.

In addition to stills, you can, of course, record real-time full-color videos in ultra low-light conditions without a flash. To put things in numbers, it can record images in an environment as dark as 0.0001 lux. That is equivalent to a moonless night.

Other features include a dimmable 3-inch touchscreen, built-in microphone, built-in standard tripod mount thread, 3 levels of LED flash brightness, a 1,000 feet (300 meters) view distance, up to 512 GB storage, and a 3,000 mAh good for up to 4 hours of operation.

Duovox Mate Pro True-color Night Vision Camera

And oh, did we mention it can function as a full-color dashcam for automobiles when used with the optional car mount? Yup. It certainly can do that. And it can also serve as a full-color security camera too – complete with motion detection.

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Some other functions include timelapse video, instant recording when the camera is turned on (not on by default), facial recognition capture, and way back recording that is said to record up to 25 minutes of footage before you hit the shutter (for dashcam) – just to name a few.

If you are keen, you can learn more about the Duovox Mate Pro True-color Night Vision Camera on its Kickstarter campaign page where, if so desire, you can pledge for a product for US$599 or more. The campaign is funded at this point. So all there is left to do is for Duovox to make good on the promise to deliver in October 2022. 

Duovox Mate Pro True-color Night Vision Camera
Duovox Mate Pro True-color Night Vision Camera

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