EVGA GeForce GTX690 4GB

EVGA GeForce GTX690 4GB
EVGA GeForce GTX690 4GB | US$1,080.00 | www.evga.com

when it comes to the speed of graphics in a PC, it is never enough and will never be. it is a tough job keeping up with the graphics development in the latest game but that’s the near future to worry about. so for now, you can snag yourself a EVGA GeForce GTX690 4GB. it features the magical wonders of 3,072 parallel-processing cores, a base clock speed of 915MHz (1019MHz in boost mode), 4,096MB GDDR5 Graphics RAM, dual GPU, DVI-I outs, DVI-D, mDisplayPort, and a host of NVIDIA technological marvels such as SMX Engine, GPU Boost, Adaptive Verticle Sync, PhysX, 3D Vision Ready, NVIDIA Surround, and of course, NVIDIA CUDA Technology – all of which you will soon forget once you dive into the immersive virtual world. it is capable of supporting up to four display simultaneously and is quad SLI-Ready. all these goodness housed, together with the quintessential fan, in a magnesium alloy encasement for effective heat dissipation. the end result? not only will your graphics be awesomely nice to look at, even the card itself is worth ogling at. simply put, this $1,080 graphics card deserved a see-thru PC tower.

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