Duovox Ultra Is A Military-grade Night Vision Monocular At A Price Never Thought Possible

Considering how we just wrote about a piece of military hardware, you’d imagine this night vision monocular is for the military too. Well, no. Though it is “military-grade”, the Duovox Ultra is a piece of consumer hardware and a surprisingly affordable one too. I mean, affordable only if you pick it up from Kickstarter where …

Duovox Mate Pro Is A Night Vision Camera That Records In Colors And In 2K Resolution

If you specialize in night photography or videography, then you really have to check out the Duovox Mate Pro True-color Night Vision Camera. Make no mistake. This isn’t your daddy’s IR camera. The Duovox Mate Pro is not only an IR camera that records in colors but it captures images in glorious eye-watering 2K resolution.