Niantic’s latest augmented reality, get-out-and-play, Pokémon GO game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is all the rage now. Wait. Is it really ‘all the rage’? Maybe not. Never mind if it is not, though. All that matter is, if you are totally into it, you will want these Harry Potter-inspired wand styluses and spell trace stencils. The former is pretty self-explanatory. It is basically styluses made to look like a wizard’s wand.

Redditor u/zipzapnomi/Etsy seller TheNiftyNiffler was inspired by fellow Redditor u/polytrigon DIY wand styluses and decided to make a bunch for those who don’t have a knack for making stuff. You can find the styluses on Etsy selling from $8.99 and up. Obviously, these being styluses, they are shorter than an actual wizard’s wand and also, they are made of mostly metal, not exotic wood from the magical world. And they most certainly don’t have core of dragon heartstring, unicorn hair or phoenix feather.

Wand Styluses and Spell Trace Stencils for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

As for the spell trace stencils, they are basically physical guides to help you pull off spells accurately much like what the Pokémon GO Pokémon Aimer Phone Case that we saw a few years ago helps in throwing the Pokéball. In short, they will help gamers, particularly for those with tremors or motion limitations, to cast spell. Speaking of casting spell on HPWU, accuracy is one thing, but speed accounts for quite a significant part of the “score” in achieving “Masterful” cast. Thought I’d chip in a bit.

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Anywho, the trace stencils are currently compatible with iPhone X only. The major caveat here is, u/zipzapnomi does not appear to be selling them. However, u/zipzapnomi welcomes anyone who desire to DIY these accessories to reach out to them if they have any question. So, it is not some opportunist thing.

Wand Styluses and Spell Trace Stencils for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Images: Etsy (TheNiftyNiffler)/Reddit (u/zipzapnomi).

Source: Reddit.

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