Razer Chroma Mug Giveaway by Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan

I am sure you guys have seen the Razer Chroma Mug somewhere. Well, the bad news is, this mug is super exclusive, collector’s item that was created to thank Razer’s partners and close friends (for their support and whatnot). It is strictly not for sale, at least not by Razer. Little is need to be known about this mug, really, well, except that it has a pretty rad design, flashing the three-headed serpent branding and it is integrated with Razer’s Chroma platform. And oh, apparently, the mug will flash to remind you to keep hydrated in midst of whatever you are doing.

Anywho, only 1,337 units are available worldwide and in keep with the mug’s exclusiveness, each mug is individually numbered. No certification of authenticity though. Ok, now how do you get it? We have searched, but it looks like they really are reserved for Razer’s partners and close friends, but not all hopes are lost as CEO Min-Liang Tan has reserved 5 for his fans. All you have to do is like his Facebook page, share that particular post, and lastly, reply in the comments of that post. Easy peasy. Don’t say we did not tip you off. You are welcome.