so you think the audio coming from Bluetooth speakers are pathetic? then you are on the same page as the folks behind the ROCKI PLAY WiFi Music System. that’s the very reason they created ROCKI, a tiny, pocketable device that turns any speakers into WiFi speakers. turning existing speakers into audio streaming speakers is not the newest idea, but doing by means of WiFi certainly is. all you have to do is hook up your existing speakers or any speakers that you want to WiFi-ed via RCA or a 3.5mm cable, download and launch the free ROCKI app, and you pretty much good to go. the best part is, you can add as many ROCKI as you like and turn your home into a multi-room WiFi music system, plus it supports multiple users so family and friends can join in the fun and play DJ using their own smartphone. as the ‘master’, you will be able to set permissions to allow or disallow a person the control. you know, sometimes people can get too carried away.

the free ROCKI app will be available for Android and iOS devices, as well as HTML5 which caters to all other platform of phones (Sail, Ubuntu, you name it), PC and Mac machines, thereby ensuring wireless audio streaming is possible from every phone, and even non-phone like your computer, which needless to say, is a real kicker for avid tech geeks who often find themselves switching from platform to platform. the ROCKI PLAY WiFi Music System is destined to be another successful Kickstarter campaign and at the time of this writing, the campaign is almost 200 percent funded. if you back the project now, which cost just $49, you can expect to receive ROCKI as early as January next year. if you want one with more connectivity options, you can opt for the ‘Digital’ model which comes with Optical and HDMI connections, in addition to the standard RCA and 3.5mm connectors. but that will set you back a pricer $89 ea.

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