if you are an Apple product user, chances are, you are equally obsessed with your rig’s aesthetic as we do. if that’s the case, we would like you to meet Ti Drive, a USB 3.0 flash drive crafted from aerospace-grade titanium (that’s Grade 5 aka Ti-6AL-4V, for you geeks out there) which needless to say, makes this little guy a tad more ‘handsome’ than most of its competitors in the market. this USB flash drive features an all-metal sliding/locking mechanism that not only ensure durability, but also gives you a “positive audible and tactile feedback on opening and closing.” we are not sure about you, but we kind of like the idea of tactile feel as it gives us the assurance that the drive is positively clicked in place. also implemented in this beautiful drive is the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 drive for a true SuperSpeed performance with up to 200 MB/s read speed and up to 100 MB/s write speed.

Tangfori has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise 50 grand to fund the development of the Ti Drive Titanium USB 3.0 Flash Drive, from which you can show your support for this rad USB flash drive by making a pledge of $75 or more for the 32GB model, and for now, $125 or more for the 64GB version. shipment is expected to be in September 2013.

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