The folks over at IKEA must have realized how mundane their yearly catalog is. The colorful nature of the requisite yearly catalog has been the target of kids doodling. Not so much a go-to literature for your IKEA products for grownups. At least, not anymore. Fret not, grownups, because IKEA has came up with a clever digital catalog targeted specifically at horny adults.

The IKEA Kama Sutra Digital Book

Described as the “ultimate guide to bedroom satisfaction,” The IKEA Kåma Sutra is a digital catalog that gleefully proposes bedroom layouts with reference to sex position pulled from the famous (or infamous?) ancient Indian Sanskrit text on sexuality, eroticism and emotional fulfillment. Sorry to disappoint, though, for there are nothing explicit here. It is just swapping out sex positions for interior arrangements featuring IKEA furniture, obviously. Like, duh…

The IKEA Kama Sutra Digital Book

“Are you satisfied with your bedroom? Have you grown bored or tired with the same old bedroom positions? Do you yearn for more? You’ve come to the right place. After decades of studying the intricacies of quality bedroom living, we’ve gathered all of our expertise in one handy manual, the IKEA Kåma Sutra. It has gorgeous illustrations that will inspire new ideas and a plethora of ingenious positions to guide your journey in the bedroom. Whether you’re restless or yearning for more, this book has a position for you. And by “position” we mean bedroom solution. Wouldn’t want you getting the wrong idea.”

The IKEA Kama Sutra Digital Book

Cheeky! Unfortunately, though, there are no physical copies of this ultimate bedroom satisfaction guide. It is, however, available as digital copy which you can digitally flip through and get the details of the individual products featured in the particular “bedroom position,” and if you so choose to, buy direct from IKEA website. Clever. With a physical book, it would be costly to print and not to mention, eliminates the odd of direct online purchase. Very clever indeed.

IKEA isn’t the first to draw inspiration from Kamasutra. London-based architect Miguel Bolivar also did something similar by referring architectures to sex positions in his book, The Archisutra. That said, it is a surprised that IKEA did not choose call this digital book “IKEAsutra”. IKEA’s take of bedroom positions is not as “comprehensive” as the ancient text, btw (it only has a fraction of it, or 20 “positions” to be exact), and it most certainly did not advise on how to engage in flirting and courtship prior to, you know, the finale. It just want you to jump right in and… buy!

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Images: IKEA/YouTube (IKEA USA).

Source: dezeen via digg.

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