instead of offering yet another minute update to the A.R.Drone such as the recent “power edition“, Parrot has a new flyer to showoff at this year’s CES and it is called the Parrot MiniDrone. though termed “mini”, this baby is hardly a scaled down version of the A.R.Drone; it is a fresh new design that uses Bluetooth Smart (aka Low Energy) to connect to your smartphone or tablet (as oppose to built-in WiFi on the A.R.), and it now does without an onboard camera. it offers incredible flight stability in indoor environment, thanks to the myriad of sensors and onboard autopilot capability, while a lightweight construction and powerful motors combine to offer the MiniDrone high speed flight and ability to execute acrobatics.

however, quadcopter and the tiny size aren’t the coolest feature; it is the wheels that make this mini indoor flyer stands out from the sea of remote controlled quadcopters. yes. apparently, it has wheels. the MiniDrone is blessed with two large removable wheels, which let you ‘drive’ the little guy across the ceiling and up the walls in between your flights, and since they are removable, you can still enjoy the quad without those two large wheels every once in a while. the Parrot MiniDrone will be available sometime later this year for an yet an to be announced pricing. hit the jump for a few more look and also a playful product promotional video.

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