This one goes to all who demands the high-fidelity audio for movies and maybe, even gaming: the new Razer Opus wireless headphones. Straight away fans will noticed that the familiar three-headed snake is missing.

Only hint of it being a Razer is the namesake emblazoned on the headband and to the side. Not having the logo is not the standout feature. That would be ridiculous.

Razer Opus THX-certified ANC Headphones

What makes this pair of cans stand out is, it is a pair of active noise cancellation headphones that is certified by Razer-owned THX. So, you know you’d be the getting the ultimate in audio immersion, THX-grade whether you are watching movies, listening to music or playing games.

Key features include 40 mm drivers, dual microphone digital noise cancellation system, wear detection automatic start and pause playback, quick on/off ANC, physical buttons for music control, USB-C interface, status indicator light, and ergonomic boasting a faux leather adjustable headband, hinged design and memory form for a comfortable wear even for extended period of time.

Razer Opus THX-certified ANC Headphones

And you will be needing that comfort because, this little guy has up to 25-hour play time in between charges. It comes packaged with a dual-plug 3.5 mm headphone adapter for use on airlines.

Unfortunately, as sleek and wholesome it may sound, the Razer Opus ANC Headphones is, at this time, only available to China market – which it is being sold at 1,799 Chinese yuan (or around US$255).

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Images: Weibo (@Razer雷蛇) [CH].

Source: Engadget.

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