Gaming Hardware Maker Razer Acquires THX

The name for awesome cinema sound THX, a company founded by George Lucas back in 1983, is now part of gaming hardware company Razer’s family. As with most acquisition comes the fear of interruption of company culture and God forbids, staff reshuffling which, more often than not, usually means lost of jobs. Fortunately, Razer promised that THX will continue to operate independently with no interference from its new parent company or whatsoever and on top of that, employees will continue to do what they have been doing for the past 33 years.

What this means is, no one is going to get laid off due to this acquisition. However, it is not known how long this independence will go on. Traditionally, THX is better known for mind-blowing cinematic sounds, which it attempt to bring it to homes through THX-certified products and softwares, but not so much of gaming. However, with the acquisition, this may change. First and foremost, expect THX stamp of approval on many audio-related gaming peripherals to roll out of Razer and not forgetting Razer’s quite well received gaming laptops too.

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That said, we won’t be surprise if Razer that starts turning out THX-approved desktop variety, or giving console-style media players a boost with THX label in near future. This would likely be the case as THX Ty Ahmad-Taylor hinted as he rationalized the sale to Razer:

“We sold because Razer gives us a rock-solid foundation for executing on the three core areas of business. We will function as a standalone unit. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if we launched a few joint products with Razer.”

In business growth point-of-view, Razer made the right move, but we have one question though: will this acquisition dissolve what THX has been recognized over the past three decades? You know, THX isn’t exactly gamers’ cup of tea. Not that THX haven’t been labeled in PC games; it has, but as a gamer myself, cinematic sound is never a priority. All we need is details which Dolby has been doing just fine for games thus far. Perhaps, Razer is preparing to strengthen its foothold in media streaming?

For this, we probably won’t need to wait for long as Razer apparently has a big announcement on October 20 which we should have a hint or two of what lies head for this rapidly growing gaming hardware maker.

via Engadget