Just here sharing something super cool. While we were digging around for the details on the new Razer Opus, we stumbled upon a Weibo post by Razer’s official Weibo account. It was exactly what you have see here: a so-called Razer Spec Moon Gundam. Pretty cool, right, don’t you think?

Unfortunately, the origin is pretty muddy. Razer China credited to one Japanese Twitter user 取り残された爽健美茶 (@Sokenbicha0706) for the images and it appears that @Sokenbicha0706 has pointed to a Google search result which seems to suggest that the originator was another Twitter user Dream Sequencer (@Chupetin3).

However, we find no evidence of the images on Dream Sequencer’s account. Perhaps, the post has been removed. I guess we will never know. If you guys know who’s behind this awesome custom, do drop us a note down below.

In any case, it should be a custom job. I think I may have seen somewhere that it was posted back in 2019?

Images: Twitter (@Chupetin3 via @Sokenbicha0706).

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