An imaging drone worst enemy is water. But not if you have the PowerEgg X Weatherproof Drone. From PowerVision Robot Corporation, the maker of the egg-shaped imaging drone, the PowerEgg X Weatherproof Drone is the regular PowerEgg outfitted with waterproof case and landing floats.

When kitted out in the weatherproof accessories, rain is not going to stop it from flying, plus you will be able to take off and land on water.

PowerVision PowerEgg X Weatherproof Drone

Weatherproof aside, the PowerEgg X offers you with 4K/60fps videoing from a camera with tri-axial mechanical stability augmentation technologies for super stable footage. Other capabilities include up to 30 minutes of flight time, automatic obstacle avoidance, precise landing, intelligent flight modes, wind speed resistance up to 29-38 knots, and 1080p image transmission within 3.7 miles (about 6 km).

PowerVision PowerEgg X Weatherproof Drone can be had now for $1,330. A non-waterproof Explorer package is also available for $899.

Images: PowerVision Robot Corporation.

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