Ever scaled a mountain and wish you could get up close to the mountains on the other side? Well, with the Parrot ANAFI FPV Drone you can do just that. Do not confuse with the ANAFI we saw last and it is most certainly not the thermal imaging variant we saw several months ago, btw.

This Parrot ANAFI with FPV (First Person View) headset so you could fly the little guy in a more immersive way. I guess you could say Parrot is trying to rejuvenate the ANAFI. But really, FPV, is what’s new here. However, it does boasts a few new flight modes, including Arcade that promote simple flight by pointing the camera in the right direction, and Cinematic and Racing capture presets.

Beyond FPV, it is still the ANAFI you have come to know. Meaning, you will get a 4K-capable 21 MP camera with 3x zoom, 180-degree tilt gimbal, a top speed of 24 mph (55 km/h), a host of onboard sensors (GPS, + GLONASS, barometer and more), a quick-release battery that offers 26 minutes of flight time per charge, USB-C mobile charging, and a nifty, foldable design for easy transportation.

Parrot ANAFI FPV Drone

Included in the package is the ANAFI done, a battery pack, Skycontroller 3 control that let you pop on a smartphone for PoV, FPV headset, a16 GB SD memory card, USB-C cable, extra set of propellers, and a Parrot backpack to hold everything and also doubles as a launch platform with access to everything.

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Parrot ANAFI FPV Drone is supposed to be available to order on- and offline starting “early September” for $799. However, last checked (September 7), pre-order is not happening yet.

Images: Parrot.

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