Xiaomi is probably more than capable of coming out with its own folding phone, but it hasn’t. That has changed with this recently published patent. The patent showed that the handset maker has filed a new patent for a folding phone with a tri-fold design.

Of course, a patent is not an indication that it will materialize. But at least we know Xiaomi is toying with the idea.

Xiaomi Tri-fold Phone Smartphone Patent

Xiaomi’s proposition has three folding section that opens up to reveal a large tablet form. When closed, the phone as a regular, but tall, display just like regular smartphone. This means that Xiaomi Tri-fold Phone will have one large, seamless folding display and a separate regular display.

Due to the trifold nature, it will be significantly thicker. Beyond that, nothing has been revealed. There’s an analysis by Pigtou on this development which you can read up if you are interested.

Xiaomi is not alone with trifold design. Apparently, Samsung’s follow up its Galaxy Fold2 device will have a tri-fold design too.

Images: Pigtou.

Hat tip: Pigtou.

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