I am not sure why anyone need a TV that is a little wider than a quarter, but the TinyTV DIY Kit from TinyCircuits exists for those who want one. And oh, yeah, it is really, really, really tiny – even tinier than its pocket-size arcade cabinet.

Credit: Yanko Design.

TinyTV DIY Kit comes as a kit which you can assemble in no more than 5 minutes. Thankfully, no soldering is required. Or else I would probably ruin the entire circuit board with one giant blob of solder with my sub-par soldering skill. No special tools are required either.

Once assembled, you can proceed to convert up to 5 hours of MP4 files using TinyCircuits’ TSVconverter to and then load them onto the included microSD card, and voila! entertainment on a tiny screen is yours (or may be your 1/12th scale figures) to enjoy.

TinyTV DIY Kit from TinyCircuits

While the unpainted 3D printed TV with 4 push buttons and on/off switch has a retro cathode-ray tube design, it is anything but retro on the inside. The screen is a full-color OLED item, and under the hood, it is an Arduino-compatible platform with powerful 32-bit ARM processor, built-in speaker, rechargeable lithium battery and USB port for charging and software updates. Each TinyTV DIY Kit comes with wireless Tiny 6-button remote.

If you are keen, you may pick up the TinyTV DIY Kit from TinyCircuits from tinycircuits.com for US$74.95. You can also find other ridiculous tiny DIY kits over at TinyCircuits website.

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Images: TinyCircuits.

Source: Yanko Design.

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