If you are still reminiscing about the glory days of 8-bit gaming, then here’s a cool gadget that you will absolutely dig. Well, probably. What you see here is a tiny arcade machine called TinyCircuits Arcade Kit Toy and the size there isn’t an illusion. Arcade Kit Toy is that small; it literally fits in the palm of your hand and with a lot of room to spare, and it is a totally functional retro gaming system that lets you play classic arcade titles like Tetris, Flappy Birds (not exactly classic, but still…), Street Racer, and Space Invader – just to name a few.

TinyCircuits Arcade Kit Toy Pocket Arcade Machine

It has a microSD card slot that the games run off and as with the regular size version arcade, it comes with a joystick and a pair of buttons for game control. It even has a volume knob for volume control, which you won’t find a regular arcade, if we may add, and a power on/off switch. Basically, it is the arcade machine, in the arcade cabinet you are familiar, only way, way, way tinier (and of different material, well, mostly). So, don’t believe what others have told you. An arcade experience is only as true as the arcade machine itself. Not holding it like one would hold a smartphone or tablet. And this one here fits right into your pocket.

TinyCircuits Arcade Kit Toy Pocket Arcade Machine

Seriously, we can’t think what’s not to love about the TinyCircuits Arcade Kit Toy Pocket Arcade Machine and it can be yours for a modest $59.90. TinyCircuits was, for don’t already know, a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign which saw the product raised nearly $77,000 from 864 backers. So, as you can see, not all Kickstarter campaigns are fraud and we are glad that are many who are making good their promises.

Have a look at the product introduction and if you love what you see, then you may want to consider grabbing one off Amazon.

TinyCircuits Arcade Kit Toy Pocket Arcade Machine

Images: TinyCircuits.

via Yanko Design.

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