Apple MacBook Air is super thin. With the thinnest edge measuring a scant 0.11 inch (0.3 cm), it almost feel like a knife capable of slicing and cutting, and it actually could. However, it can’t really do it cleanly and without the laptop closed. Wait. Actually it kind of can, as proven by Japanese artist Shimabuku. The artist deliberately sharpened the already thin edge of a MacBook Air with a sharpening stone manually, and affixed it onto a wooden handle, creating an image of a knife (or axe, if you will, but it looks more like a chopper to us).

Shimabuku Apple MacBook Air Knife Art Piece

The artist then proceed to slice a real Apple into two halves with it, thus completing his goal of comparing ancient tools with modern instruments which is part of the artist’s greater curiosity about human culture. I must admit, the sight of a MacBook Air cutting through an Apple was pretty surreal and one that’s no less ironical. I mean, just imagine this: an Apple cutting an apple. To be honest, it kind also puts a smile on our faces, for the satirical value.

Shimabuku’s MacBook Air Knife was showcased at the Venice Art Biennale 2017 (Biennale Arte 2017, May 13-November 26) as part of Viva Arte Viva curated by Christine Macel. The slicing of an Apple, however, was not live. Instead, a film showing the artist’s interaction with it was showed alongside with the display of the physical chopper-like art piece. Hmmm. I wonder what Apple has to say about its MacBook Air new found ability? 

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Shimabuku Apple MacBook Air Knife Art Piece

Images and source: designboom.

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