There are people who makes scale models and then there is Luca Laconi-Stewart. Luca also makes scaled model, but the scale model he has been working on over the last ten years is unlike what you have known thus far. It is a paper airplane, but not the few folds kind of paper airplane that comes to mention when you mention paper airplane. You see, Luca here has been building a Boeing 777 jetliner with nothing but paper from manila envelops and glue. Yes. That’s right. The mind-blowing accurate and detailed Boeing 777 jetliner you see up above is indeed made of paper.

Paper-made Boeing 777 Jetliner by Luca Laconi-Stewart
Man. Just look at the details on the landing gear! Mind.Blown.

The details that go into it is one thing; the ability to work his magic to turn out minute details like retractable landing gear, complete with hydraulic piston and all, realistic seats, extendable wing flaps, functional doors that open like the real-deal and even engine parts, is absolutely insane. In fact, no words can describe how crazy and talented this man is. Seriously, we suggest you guys go check out a video made by WIRED and get ready for your mind to be blown.

Images: Wired (YouTube).

via BallerStatus.

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