Jaguar Land Rover group has an interesting project planned for 2018. The company has found one of the three original pre-production prototypes 4×4 that made their debut at the Amsterdam Motor Show in 1948. The vehicle was apparently bought by someone in the 60s and when it was found, it was in such a dilapidated state that it took a team of experts at Jaguar Land Rover Classic months poring over the archives to determine that it is indeed the long lost vehicle, the vehicle that started it all. As part of the group’s 70th anniversary in 2018, the group will embark on a year-long meticulous restoration progress to bring the 48’ prototype back to its former glory.

Land Rover to Restore Original 4x4 Found Rusting Away

The much anticipated restoration will see everything being preserved as it was introduced in 1948, including the original light green paint job it had received as a prototype. Amazingly, Jaguar Land Rover also managed to identify the vehicle’s past owners and the group will be serving up invites to these once-proud owners to visit the classic works facility to witness the restoration and at the same time, share their experiences with this iconic automobile. We have no doubt, Jaguar Land Rover group will be making a emotional documentary on this to get Land Rover enthusiast all nostalgic and emotional. If you are fan, you may want to follow the full story on Instagram.

Also, may we interest you with the timeline of this 48’ example and after that, take a couple of look at the original found state, followed by a promo video of what’s about to transpire.

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1948    Built with LHD and listed as Experimental on the logbook and record of sale
1948    Upgraded with new production parts by Engine Department, converted to current RHD setup
1955    First registered on 25 June 1955 with registration SNX 910
1961    Sold to a new owner in Handsworth
1965    Moved to Sutton Coldfield
1967    Moved to Stratford-Upon-Avon
1968    Moved to Alvechurch, Worcestershire
1968    Used in Wales as a static power source
1988    Engine seized – the Land Rover was sold to a new owner in Birmingham, UK
2016    Spotted in a garden, destined for a restoration which never began

Land Rover to Restore Original 4x4 Found Rusting Away

Land Rover to Restore Original 4x4 Found Rusting Away

Images: Land Rover.

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