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ever since the adoption of touchscreen, the biggest gripe known to man is perhaps the lack of tactile touch. under ‘normal’ usage of the phone, this ‘issue’ is nonexistence (we just love to type and swipe, don’t we?) but it becomes more apparent once we get down to typing or playing games. while tactile-feel cravers have their fix with miniaturize Bluetooth keyboards or keyboard cases, some avid Android mobile gamers turned to Sony’s Dualshock 3 controller for the tactile feel. however, it isn’t a prefect solution as the controller and your handset are not one. the solution? the GameKlip. a simple contraption that clips your Dualshock 3 controller and your Android smartphone together, transforming your mobile gaming experience into one that’s comparable to today’s handheld game console. finally, you can keep your fingers off the screen and onto buttons and analog sticks that you can actually feel. the GameKlip comes in two versions: one for wireless game play for rooted Android handsets and one for wired game play that comes with a cable to link the controller to the handset, and they are available for several makes and models, including the popular GALAXY S III and HTC One X. the GameKlip can be yours for $15 for the wireless version and $23 for the wired version. a product intro video follows after the break.

GameKlip via DroidLife

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