falling over or training wheels – that’s how most people picked up the skill of cycling, but with the Jyrobike Auto Balance Bicycle, those two will be a thing of the past. bill as the world’s first auto balance bicycle, the cleverly named Jyrobike has a special front wheel with gyroscopic technology that stabilizes the bike and keeps it upright, thereby allowing children to pick up the art of riding without the need for nasty falls or ugly training wheels. we know what you might be thinking “won’t the resisting force of the gyro keeps the bike from turning which often involves a bit of leaning?” well, that’s the beauty with Jyrobike; it manage to do so without affecting the turning. the magic lies in the battery-powered Control Hub, which houses the motor and the flywheel that creates the gyroscopic effect for the stabilizing effect.

Jyrobike Auto Balance Bicycle

so in essence, it has a wheel inside a wheel which spins at a higher RPM to create balancing effect. the latter is better known as mechanical gyroscope effect and has been employed in various vehicles including helicopters, boats and even spaceships. though these days, electronic gyro is the preferred device, but for the purpose of keeping a bicycle upright, a mechanical system seems like the idea and most cost effective route. other details include a lightweight alloy frame, far tires for better traction and cushioning essential for learning, safety ends on handlebar to prevent accidental slippage, scoop saddle with integrated carry handle, easy pull brake levers, rear drum brake and V-brakes up front, and finally, there are rounded bolt covers to keep them from scratching on your little one.

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Jyrobike Auto Balance Bicycle comes in 12″ and 16″ to suit children age three to nine and is currently running a campaign on Kickstarter, seeking financial support to take this into production. pledge starts at $249 for a 12″ bike, but if you are on budget, you can choose to pick up just the front wheel for $129 and up to retrofit on your kid’s existing ride.

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