finally, Optimus Mini Six sees the light of production

Art Lebedev Optimus Mini Six Keyboard 544x311px
Optimus Mini Six Keyboard | US$tba |

frankly, i am not aware of the delays or whatsoever with Art. Lebedev’s products but anyway, according to a Gizmodo report, Art LeBedev’s scaled down Optimus (not to be confused with LG’s Optimus smartphones) keyboard, the Mini Six, has finally see the light of production. for the uninitiated, the Mini Six is a programmable six keys keyboard with miniature LCD embedded inside each key. user is able to assign whatever he or she fancy and the programmed keys will show the appropriate image, static or animated. pretty neat idea, as most of us do have some frequently access programs or websites that we would love to have a one-touch access. besides, the Optimus Mini Six is looking very sleek – which is of no surprise when it is from Art. Lebedev. no word on the pricing for the Mini Six that’s due in 2012.

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