Remember the CyberPower kinetic PC case? Well, that didn’t happen. But someone out there really, really wants one, and that someone is YouTuber Robert, a person who is passionate about making stuff. Robert, who goes by the YouTube handle Ideal Idea, made a custom PC case with a faceplate that kind of breathes and the resulting product is pretty surreal.

Custom Kinetic Personal Computer Case by Ideal Idea

Instead of building the case from the ground up, Robert chose to put his existing Corsair Crystal 570X PC case under the knife, removing areas he didn’t need and modifying areas to fit his design. He then shortlisted one design from three and proceeded to work on it.

The design he settled on is super complex. It involved moving a bunch of hexagonal shapes up and down in a rhythmic manner. With the power of Arduino, along with a series of custom gears and crankshafts, Robert succeeds in creating a PC case with a faceplate that looks like it is breathing. All told this incredible build has no less than 885 moving parts. Mind blown.

Custom Kinetic Personal Computer Case by Ideal Idea

Each hexagon piece (which varies in size, by the way) is attached to the crankshaft and the crankshafts are connected to a series of gears that allow one motor to create the illusion of a synchronous action. It is quite a sight to behold.

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Because of the fixed crankshafts and the fact all are connected to one motor controlled by an Arduino board, it can only have one single pattern of movement. Still, it is an incredible build that breaks the monotony of an otherwise “boring” static PC.

Custom Kinetic Personal Computer Case by Ideal Idea

The PC also rocks a custom wood outer panel with matching hexagon holes for ventilation as well as wooden feet. If like problem-solving, engineering-like videos, be sure to check out Ideal Idea’s video on the build.

Images: YouTube (Ideal Idea).

via Tom’s Hardware.

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