CyberPower Kinetic Series Gaming PC

What looks like a model of the facade of Al Bahr Towers is actually a “breathing” PC. What you see here is a concept gaming PC from CyberPower Kinetic Series Gaming PC, featuring similar geometrical lattice screens found in the pair of towers in Abu Dhabi.

However, instead of automatically opening and closing in response to the intensity of the sunlight, these lattices open and close according to the system’s current internal ambient temperatures.

When the temperature is high, the vents contract to allow in more air, and when the temperature is low, the vents close. Closing the vents reduce the airflow, as well as reduces the noise and dust, and of course, changes the look of the facade.

CyberPower Kinetic Series Gaming PC

The beauty of this chassis is, the vents are not either 0 or 1, and they do not adjust in unison. The vents are constantly making micro adjustments in response to the ever-changing internal ambient temperature, reacting to every single degree of change. The result is a PC that appears to be alive and breathing. Lightning not required.

All told there are 18 individually controlled vents that control the airflow of this unique gaming rig. Man, this has to be one of the coolest PC cases since after the life-size Iron Man PC Case. And it is no concept. Well, at least it will not be in soon.

CyberPower Kinetic Series Gaming PC

CyberPowerPC will be selling this Kinetic PC as part of its CyberPower Kinetic Series in Q3 2022. Whether or not this will be sold as a case, or as a pre-built unit is still unclear. Neither is the pricing made known. Meanwhile, you may learn more in the product video below.

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Images: CyberPower Inc.