I am sure you have already heard of the fiasco over at the 94th Academy Awards. Yup. That’s right. It was the slap that is going to live on the Internet as a meme for a long time. Chris Rock must be traumatized now. Who knows, he might have PTSD, constantly worrying about if he has offended someone with his “jokes”.

Slap Chris Rock Game by Tyler Hamilton

Holy shit. It just occurred to me that this might end his comedic career because making fun of people for a laugh is what most comedians do, right? That sucks. It kind of reminds me of Key & Peele’s skit Insult Comic. Anywho, kudos to Chris Rock for keeping his cool despite being on the receiving end of a hurl.

The latest news was, Will Smith has since apologized to Chris Rock over the incident. As for Will, I think most of us can understand how sometimes, for reasons beyond our comprehension, we can lose our cool. It happens. It is just bad that it happened when over 15 million people witness it LIVE.

Anyways, as far as the slap goes, if you think you can do better than Will Smith, Slap Chris is a new browser game that lets you have a go at “slapping” Chris Rock too. This extremely simple game by Tyler Hamilton lets you move an emoji as fast as you can and hurl it towards a headshot of Chris Rock.

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It’s hilarious. Not because Rock gets to be slapped again and again but because someone actually thought of making a game out of it, and had it up and running so quickly. There’s nothing to gain from this simple game but just the satisfaction (or not) in giving Rock the slap. The game even measures your slap speed.

Image: screenshot from Slap Chris.

via boing boing.

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