Is dust in your PC driving you nuts that you sometimes wish you could strap respirators over it, or maybe stuff a car filter on the chassis? Well, I am not sure how will the former even work but as it turns out, someone has a custom PC that is built around an enormous K&N automotive air filter. Yup. PC with an actual car air filter.

A Custom Dustproof PC by Joshua Tulberg

Described as an “overkill PC that can survive copious amounts of dust and the occasional building collapse,” the unique PC build is the brainchild of Joshua Tulberg. It is designed with one thing in mind: keeping dust out of the inside of the PC without restricting the airflow.

And what material can do that? A car filter of course. And not just any air filter. The front of this particular build you see here is almost covered entirely by a Dodge Viper K&N air filter. The case can also accept the same size HVAC filter. Either way, the rig has been “stress-tested” and the over-the-top filtration does not affect the speeds or temperatures of the machine.

A Custom Dustproof PC by Joshua Tulberg

Moreover, the fans are high static pressure and rigged to blow inward only to create a positive-pressure case to further thwart the invasion of dust. With this case, you can say goodbye to vacuuming your PC’s interior. However, you do need to have the filter cleaned every “50,000 miles.”

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A few other highlights include an automotive starter switch power button, integrated GPU support bracket, big chunky rubber feet, and ermmm, “workspace Merv-11 air purifier”?

A Custom Dustproof PC by Joshua Tulberg

Joshua has designed the chassis to be built with a 10 gauge steel plate with hardware of stainless steel too. All told, the chassis measures 9.9 inches wide, 17 inches deep, and 17.8 inches tall (25.1 x 43.2 x 45.2 cm) and weighs in at 61.4 lbs (28 kilograms).

Unfortunately, the PC is not for sale. However, Joshua is offering up the digital plans of the build for sale. You can reach out to him HERE.

A Custom Dustproof PC by Joshua Tulberg

All images courtesy of Rapid Whale (Joshua Tulberg).

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