If you are a jazz person who has never gotten into LEGO, well then the new LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet (21334) may just get you hooked. The 1,606-piece set is a build-and-display set based on LEGO Ideas submission by Taiwan-based LEGO enthusiast Hsinwei Chi.

LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet (21334)

There is really nothing to brag about this set; it is a fantastic build-and-display featuring four brick-build jazz musicians, a pianist, a bassist, a trumpeter, and a drummer, doing what they love.

The set further features highly detailed brick-build instruments which include a grand piano, double bass, trumpet, and drum kit.

However, Chi’s set got a tweak. Instead of a tux-wearing pianist, we now have a lady behind the keys.

LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet (21334)

You can choose to display the music instrument only without the platform. When displaying as a set, there are two sizes of the platform to choose from: a short and deep platform and a long and narrow platform.

You can also choose to give even more space between each figure and the instrument by splitting the platform up. Finally, you can choose to display the entire set without a small flight of stairs.

LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet (21334)

If you ask me, I’d say the display possibility is pretty rich here for a seemingly simple set.

The LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet (21334) would make an awesome display in the homes and offices of any jazz musician and jazz lover. It is one of those sets that you need not say much but you knew exactly it is going to be a winner.

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The LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet (21334) will arrive on July 01, 2022, for US$99.99.

LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet (21334)

All images courtesy of LEGO.

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