Do you know that you can customize the look of your over ear or on-ear headphones? You sure can with these headphone ear pad covers. Los Angeles-based Beat Kicks is the company to launch the first-ever protective headphone ear pad covers which the company refer to as ‘Kicks’.

The concept is very simple: Kicks is a pair of fabric covers that you wear over each ear pad. Kicks protect the ear pads from sweat, makeup and what not, and it does so while letting you make your own style statement beyond what a regular pair of headphones have to offer.

Beat Kicks Headphone Ear Pad Covers

Previously, Beat Kicks are made for regular music audio cans, but recently, the company announced that it is making Kicks available to gaming headphones too. So, gaming streamers who want to stand out from his/her competitors when on live stream, Beat Kicks seem like one of the things you can do.

Right now, there are only four designs available for gaming headsets, priced at $30 a pop. But more designs will be available in future, plus Beat Kicks is planning launch a fully functioning customization option in Q1 2020.

Beat Kicks Headphone Ear Pad Covers

Images: Beat Kicks.

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