Beat Kicks Let You Customize The Look Of Your Headphone Ear Pads

Do you know that you can customize the look of your over ear or on-ear headphones? You sure can with these headphone ear pad covers. Los Angeles-based Beat Kicks is the company to launch the first-ever protective headphone ear pad covers which the company refer to as ‘Kicks’.

Meet Posto, an Inexpensive and Elegant Way of Hanging Up Your Expensive Headphones

If you own a pair of expensive headphones, it is only wise to take care of it, unless you are some richie rich who don’t give a damn about anything and in that case, we have nothing else to say. Anyway, for everyone else who cares, you start by making sure your treasured audio cans […]

Cable Cube Adds Bluetooth Connectivity to Regular Earphones without the Tangle Mess

Ok. Maybe the Cable Cube Bluetooth Receiver isn’t the most elegant solution to turn a regular audio buds into a Bluetooth one, but if it works as it promised, then it will be an affordable solution that’s of reasonable tidiness. Since the invention of Bluetooth headsets, such intermediary accessories have been around to convert existing […]

MAGZET Adapter Turns Any 3.5mm Audio Jack Into a MagSafe-Like Connector

MacBook users have enjoyed the benefits of MagSafe connector which allows for swift connection without fumbling and also, the magnetic connector ensures the cable won’t break or your device won’t get pulled along with you when you forgot to disconnect it. Won’t it be nice if such benefits were to be made available to things […]

Bang & Olufsen Introduces Headphones Accessories Designed By Hard Graft

Danish audio and visual equipment maker Bang & Olufsen and bespoke bags and accessories maker Hard Graft have come together to create a trio of beautiful accessories to complement B&O’s personal audio gears. the B&O Play Headphones Accessories By Hard Graft include a headphone case/stand known as the ‘Peak Headphone Case‘, an earphone case/cable tidy […]

Sprng Clip for Apple EarPods

the one little thing that Apple improved on when it last announced the iPhone 5, was the in-ear headphones – referred to as the EarPods. with the new earphones, it comes with a new, rather unorthodox design that is said to minimize sound loss and maximize sound output, and this strangely alluring form is supposedly designed to fit the geometry of the ear perfectly.