though the threat of the apocalypse is far behind us, it doesn’t mean we should all rest on our laurels. just look at what the meteorite had done to Russia. the threat is very real and so are the daily dangers that lurks in just about every corner of our lives. sure. we could always equip ourselves with all the best gears money can buy, but we are no Bear Grylls and so, it is best to leave it to the pros to show us the light to survival. speaking of which, you can start by reading up SEAL Survival Guide (Gallery Books, ISBN 978-1451690293), a 368-page practical survival guide authored by former Navy SEAL Platoon Commander/Sniper and Senior SEAL Instructor Cade Courtley. make no mistake. this ain’t a guide – it is a manual in which Courtley teaches the art of survival the modern threats the Navy SEAL way. no. you won’t be needing firearms (probably), or call for arty bombardments and/or air strikes. instead, Cade will shed lights on how to deal with and overcome real world, life-threatening situations ranging from surviving earthquakes to terrorist attacks. in another word, Cade is your Bear Grylls of the concrete jungle. you can get your copy of SEAL Survival Guide by Cade Courtley for just $13.59.

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