Mainframe GG Project X Gaming Loungewear

There is no right way to dress for gaming. You can dress however you fancy. In tee and berms/jeans like Shroud or Pewdiepie, or you can wear nothing at all. Just kidding. You can’t be naked when streaming. You will be banned. On a serious note, being naked won’t get you style point, but Project X: Gaming Loungewear probably will.

Mainframe GG Project X Gaming Loungewear

Project X Gaming Loungewear is available as a hoodie or a jogger. In between them, they tout a host of features, including 4-way stretch fabric that is ermm, butter-soft? It comes with an integrated headphone-friendly hoodie so you can be the Alan Walker of the gaming world.

There are mesh audio panels on the hoodie, giving you the option to wear the audio cans beneath the hoodie or over the hoodie.

Other notables include breathable materials, quilted forearms, scalloped back, draw string elastic waistband, slouchy gusset cut crotch, current trend appropriate slim fit leg, deep zipper pockets, cinched cuff sleeve and jogger, and my personal favorite: kangaroo storage pocket.

Like I have said, there are no rules as to how a gamer should wear, but if you prefer to take on the mysterious route like AW, then I’d say your bet is on the Mainframe GG Project X: Gaming Loungewear.

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If you do, you may want to consider backing the product on Kickstarter where $65-130 will secure you either a pullover or a pair of jogger, or both, depending on the perks. Skip ahead for the pitch video.

Images courtesy of Mainframe GG.

Submitted via TIP US Page.