Screwpop Tool is back with a clever multi-tool. This time, it is a multi-function tool that will tickle the fancy of pipe smokers. Called Screwpop 5-in-1 Pipe Tool, it is made of stainless steel and with a eye-catching yellow brass eyelet. It touts five tools in one unobtrusive package, measuring a super handy 1” x 1.125” x 2.125” (25.4 x 28.6 x 54 mm) and weighs mere 1.8 oz (51g!).

Screwpop 5-in-1 Pipe Tool

Tools included are a BIC lighter holder, Tamper, Rod, Scraper and one non-pipe smoking related tool but nonetheless essential, the bottle opener. What’s a multi-tool without a function that pops a cold one, right? So, yeah, this multi-tool has that. Brass eyelet is not just a nice aesthetic touch, but it is functional, serving as a key ring/carabiner.

Screwpop 5-in-1 Pipe Tool is available over at Screwpop Tool website for with a very modest asking price of $14.95. Steal a couple more looks after the break.

Screwpop 5-in-1 Pipe Tool

Screwpop 5-in-1 Pipe Tool

All images courtesy of Screwpop Tool.

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