All these while we have been focusing or talking about 3D printers. What we didn’t really look into is the event running up to 3D printing and that’s the design of your dream product. While many 3D printers do come with its software, which may or may not be intuitive, Wacom wants to make thing even easier with Wacom Intuos 3D Pen. Lauded as the first-ever full 3D solution for 3D enthusiasts, this newest gadgets from the world’s leading digital pen tablet maker brings together Wacom Intuos pen tablet with Pixologic’s ZBrushCore software to enable you to create and sculpt print-ready digital designs, or if you desire, even characters.

Basically, it is a pro solution that has both the hardware and software to create your dream project rather than pulling one off from Thingiverse. Wacom Intuos 3D Pen touts a battery-free, cordless and pressure sensitive pen that works in sync with ZBrushCore that promise to offer the same feel and feedback you get when working with traditional brushes, markers and such, said Wacom. With Wacom Intuos 3D Pen, Wacom also claims to provide an affordable 3D solution, but how really affordable is it? $199.95 is the asking price for the Wacom Intuos 3D Pen, which comes with the Intuos 3D tablet, pen, and Pixologic ZBrushCore software.

Wacom has also linked up with Shapeways, if you require 3D printing services, as well as Sketchfab, a platform for publishing 3D and VR content for an expanded completeness to your 3D creating experience. Though those two services aren’t exactly free; they can be obtained “as special offers” with the acquisition of the Wacom Intuos 3D Pen when it becomes available this late October through on- and offline retailers, Wacom web store, as well as Amazon.

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Image: Wacom.

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