If you believe Google ambitious modular phone, Project Ara, is the future of smartphone, then we have not-so-good news for you: the future is not going to happen. According to a report, Google has pull the plug on Project Ara. It is a strange turn of event. Stranger still since this would-be revolutionary phone was reportedly making headway just last year (though, that halted too) and just not too long ago in May this year, Alphabet’s Google revealed a bunch of developers and even said that the company would be shipping the developer edition of the product this autumn. With those news, one may have the impression that the future of this future of smartphone is bright.

Today, however, it seems that it is not only not bright, but it looks like it is not going to happen at. Though so, Google is not giving up entirely. The Internet search giant may license the tech to third parties to realize the dream. Though, it is worthy to note that Project Ara official website is still live and active, and there’s no official words on the page, nor were there anything mentioned on Google’s official blog on blogger.com. Anywho, the move is apparently an effort to streamline the somewhat messy hardware arm which is currently lined up with Chrome and Nexus hardware.

Honestly, on one hand, we are excited about this future tech, but on the other, we knew very well it is an gargantuan task from the start. Technical hurdles aside, part of the technological challenge correlates to dollars and cents, like how can it be made to be within reasonable cost? Though, not all hope is lost if you are so adamant about going modular. There’s always the Motorola Z and LG G5 to look to at the present time to tie you over your addiction to modularity until a true modular device like what the proposed Ara comes along.

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Image courtesy of Google’ Project Ara.

via Business Insider.

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